Meet Our Team

Courtney Moreau

Courtney Moreau, FNP-BC graduated from Northern Virginia Community College in 2009 with her Associates Degree in Nursing. She began her career with pediatrics and worked in the Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Children’s National Medical Center. Courtney followed her passion for emergency medicine and transitioned to working as an emergency room nurse while completing her Nurse Practitioner. Courtney graduated from Walden University in 2016 and is board certified through the American Nurses Credential Center (ANCC).

Courtney lives with a choric illness and understands the importance of having access to a wide range of treatments including alternative based options such as medical cannabis.

“I believe that there is no such thing as an award for suffering and issues such as chronic pain, mental health issues, and chronic illness can negatively impact our quality of life. One of my passions is helping alleviate the suffering of those in need.”

Family Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified
Licensed to practice in Virginia
Licensed to practice in West Virginia

Courtney Moreau, FNP-BC

Robert Moreau

Robert Moreau is the office manager for the practice. Robert has a bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security from American Public University and Master’s degree in Public Administration from George Mason University. Robert has been a first responder since the age of 17 and continues to serve in that capacity today. His personal experience with cancer and mental health have enabled him to share like experiences with those suffering from chronic illnesses and acute disease process that greatly impact daily life.

Robert Moreau


Tallahassee is five-year-old miniature Australian Shepherd. Tallahassee came to the family as a puppy and was trained by Trademark Kennels in Virginia. Tallahassee successfully completed his American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen program at eight months old and spent another six months training to be a therapy K9. Tallahassee, and his handler Robert, enjoying visiting those undergoing treatments in hospitals or clinics for chronic illnesses and cancer. Tallahassee LOVES downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia, and spending time with his human family.

Australian Shepherd named Tallahassee